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bowling ball
Plural: bowling balls
This is a bowling ball. It looks like you could go bowling with it, like Ryme will be on his birthday.

On closer inspection, there's a name scratched into it: Virgil. You wonder if it's the Virgil, the most famous bowler since Homer.

On even closer inspection, you realize this bowling ball has a cork in it. Prying off the cork, you take a little sniff. Holy secret compartments, Fleidermousman! Somebody has hollowed this thing out and filled it with Bray energy drink. What kind of fiendish scoundrel (by which I mean wonderful person) would do that?!

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 5
Item cannot be auto-sold
Contains caffeine (6)

How Obtained

Ryme's birthday

When Consumed

You uncork the bowling ball and tip it upside-down, pouring the entire contents directly into your mouth without letting the bowling ball touch your lips. (Do you know how dirty bowling balls are? Apparently you do.) The Bray energy drink delivers a touch more than its usual kick--bowling balls must hold more liquid than the average can.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +144 minutes


  • "Holy secret compartments, Fleidermousman!" refers to the catch-phrase "Holy (insert), Batman!" used often by Robin in the Batman TV series. Though in German a bat is "Fledermaus", as Ryme stated, this is just "a silly made-up mishmash of English and German. Call it 'Germish' if you will."
  • "Fleidermousman" is a possible reference to Die Fledermaus, a character in the comic book and animated television series The Tick.
  • Virgil was a Roman poet who was perhaps inspired by the Greek poet Homer. Homer is not known for bowling, but Homer Simpson is.