Buzzing dew

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Item Number: 846
Description ID: 2012259
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buzzing dew
Plural: buzzing dews
This is some strange, golden liquid, that came from flying insects. You'd expect it to be vaguely like honey, sweet and tasty, but this stuff is strong and bitter. It's still got a few remnants of the swarm stuck in it, so it'll give you a real buzz, too.

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 9
Autosell value: 130
Contains caffeine (2)

How Obtained

Astral Badlands

When Consumed

The buzzing dew peps you up a bit. Some of the stinging insects also make your tongue numb, but that goes away relatively quickly.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +27-33 minutes

This stuff is so potent you can feel your muscles actually growing, too. You gain 3 strength.
Using multiple: Same as single use