Centry armor

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Item Number: 1952
Description ID: 62858314
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Centry armor
Plural: suits of Centry armor
Well, the city was shooting for Sentry armor system, intended to create a balance of power between the police and the increasingly outlandish threats that face Twilight. But...

Well, you know how it goes: budget cuts, interdepartmental politics, contractors cutting corners. So they ended up with Centry system, which draws so much on the city's power grid they only activate it during the most dire emergencies.

So, hey, if some sort of giant creature is rampaging through the city and you're out on the front lines, this could even the score. Otherwise it's just one more reason that pothole in front of your apartment never gets fixed.

Full-body suit
Power: 5
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item is a free pull while in a retcon run

Bolsters your Defense when the city is under attack

How Obtained

League Battlefield