Chameleon clasp

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Item Number: 1350
Description ID: 4884946
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chameleon clasp
Plural: chameleon clasps
Don't let the name and logic fool you: this isn't a chameleon-shaped brooch or pin; it's a friendly chameleon that clutches tightly to your costume.

Like many things in this genre, being exposed to dangerous amounts of radiation didn't cause this chameleon to die a horrible death. Instead it amplified the lizard's abilities, creating a powerful aura around it that conveniently transfers to whomever carries it around. The upside of this is the ability to blend into your surroundings. The downside is that it really conflicts with your ability to deal with artificial creations. That would be machines, not aspartame.

You also have a sudden urge to eat bugs.

September 2010 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Provides unsurpassed blending-in abilities.
Grants invisibility (chat effect).
+6% chance of critical hits.**
-6% chance of weapon fumbles.**
30% additional damage taken from robots.
30% less damage dealt to robots from weapons or skills.

** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

Sometimes in combat will prevent your foe from attacking with the message:

Channeling the capabilities of your chameleon clasp, you change your colors and fade into the background. Your opponent looks for you but can't seem to find you.


  • Block rate is about (20% ± 2.5%).
  • When bought: When you hand 5 silver stars to the shopkeeper a cute little chameleon scurries across the counter, climbs up your shirt, and takes hold of your lapel like you're the best tree in the world and it's moving in permanently.


Item of the Month
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September 2010
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Chameleon clasp
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