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Various items can be created by combining other items. There are two standard ways to combine items, assembly and welding, see the respective pages for lists of items.

Other than that there are several items which are constructed through the use of instructions. These are listed below

Instructions Item created
electronic computer instructions electronic computer
positronic computer instructions positronic computer
trionic computer instructions trionic computer
barding instructions xentrium barding


There are three computers that can be constructed, electronic computer, positronic computer, and trionic computer. Electronic computer instructions and positronic computer instructions are available from Aaron's All-Night Electronics. Trionic computer instructions sometimes drop from Alpha.

Electronic computer

Electronic computers can run one piece of software.

Part Needed Quantity Needed
data plate 1
electronic cabling 2
memory tube 2
nanoprocessor 1
power converter 1
titanium chassis 1

Positronic computer

Positronic computers can run two softwares.

Part Needed Quantity Needed
carbon-microfiber chassis 1
fusion pack 2
lepton mesh 1
oculum felis 1
pathway imager 1
photonic chiller 2
positron originator 1
quantum hopper 1

Trionic computer

Trionic computers can run 3 softwares.

Part Needed Quantity Needed
electronic computer 3
positronic computer 3
trion 3

Other Constructions

xentrium barding

The instructions for building this item are found at a one-time adventure, Stable-ity, in Castle Hundenswein.

Part Needed Quantity Needed
xentrium ingot 6
reptile tile 12
Golden Powder 6
coil of rope 1
solder 10

Large Assembly Projects

This section is for items that require a complete assembly tree to make. Below is a stripped down speed version (to reduce page load) as well as links to the Full Assembly Version & Grocery list along with complete item links.


Speed Assembly repeat


"use" (like you would for caffeine) firecracker or enerbun globule on digital rapier = gyro stabilizer
signal process code + physiological scan code = control software
PDA + control software = control unit
control unit + gyro stabilizer = guidance system
filter + fire bladder = fuel
Weld two shell casings together = double canister
weld double canister + titanium plating = empty tanks
empty tanks + fuel = fuel tank
guidance system + fuel tank = propulsion system
pressure plate + electronic cabling = sensor mechanism 1x
sensor mechanism + motor = servomotor 1x
2 trylon straps together = harness
weld harness + plasteel plating = Sturdy harness
tacky grips + titanium pipes = handles 1x
handles + servomotor = control arm 1x
control arm + Sturdy harness = one-armed harness
control arm + one-armed harness = control frame
weld control frame + propulsion system = jetpack