Crimebusters IOU

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Item Number: 909
Description ID: 1222647
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crimebusters IOU
Plural: crimebusters IOUs
Personally, I blame the IOU for opening the door to all of the other horrible spelling and grammar on the internet. After all, if IOU is perfectly acceptable as a replacement for "I owe you" then why can't the phrase "can i c how u do dat 2?" not also be considered valid? Where do you draw the line and call one "acceptable slang" and the other "a sign of ignorance and laziness"?

"Wherever you want," I think, is the right answer.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

How Obtained

Performing one of the three tasks from Sherlock & Poirot, Crime Analysts

Other Uses

Can be exchanged for goods in Sherlock & Poirot, Crime Analysts.