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If you are unfortunate enough to lose a battle, you get one of the following messages:

  • Your skull smacks the ground painfully as you collapse. Unwisely you try to get up, only to fall over and hit your head yet again. Things begin to swim in your vision. You acquire an effect: concussed. (Added for 45 minutes.)
  • Something inside you isn't lined up the way it's supposed to be, and it seems to be messing with your ability to keep your chakras centered and your focus, uh ... focused. You acquire an effect: internal injuries. (Added for 55 minutes.)
  • That last hit was too much. You crawl away in defeat. You acquire an effect: internal injuries. (Added for 60 minutes.)
  • Your foe beats you up and leaves you bleeding in the street. You acquire an effect: needs stitches. (Added for 30 minutes.)
  • You're beaten badly--so bad it takes much longer than usual before you can pull yourself together. You lose an additional <one turn's worth> minutes.
  • Battered and bruised, you spend a few moments wondering what you could have done instead. You resolve not to make the same mistakes again. You gain 2*level XP.
  • You fall to the ground and black out for a second. When you come to, your memory of what just happened is hazy. You lose <your possible gain> XP.
  • You collapse, unable to fight any further, and your foe strolls off into the night.
  • Man, that really smarts! You lie on the ground writhing in pain for a few minutes. Some of your collected power fizzles away before you can collect yourself. You lose <half your current> PP.
Or, if you don't have enough PP:
Man, that really smarts! You lie on the ground writhing in pain for a few minutes.

If you are beaten by your own fumble you lose some chips and get:

  • You beat yourself up, and have lost the battle. Your foe walks away laughing, but only after it picks your pocket, taking (1*Level, cap 10) chips.

If you are beaten by an opponents critical hit:

  • <It> cleans your clock with that hit.

This is followed by the following message:

The fight is now over, and it's not pretty.

If you try to go out before healing:

Can't .... Go ... On ...

What are you doing? You can barely walk, let alone try to patrol the area. Come back when you're not bleeding all over the place."


You lose the fight, but you manage to crawl off and rest in your fancy chair for a while. You feel able to move around in about half the time you normally would.