Erdrick's plate

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Item Number: 1073
Description ID: 4372402
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Erdrick's plate
Plural: sets of Erdrick's plate
If someone comes up to you and tells you that you're actually descended from the guy who used to own this armor, you should be skeptical. If they also tell you there's a magical ball of light that will somehow solve the world's problems, I recommend running away quickly.

Full-body suit
Power: 160
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 125
Can be welded

+20% Strength
+5 HP per turn

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif paladinum camouflage dungarees
Equals.gif Erdrick's plate

Other Uses


  • When created you get the message:
Fortune smiles upon thee, <player>. Thou hast found the Erdrick's Armor.


  • The item refers to the game Dragon Warrior. The player in that game is a descendant of Erdrick, searching for the stolen Ball of Light. The creation line is also used in the game.