Exigen-C cocktail

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Item Number: 514
Description ID: 6571963
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Exigen-C cocktail
Plural: Exigen-C cocktails
When you have a pressing need for staying awake, the Exigen-C cocktail will serve your urgent purposes. It may turn your eyes red and your hair white, and give your skin a loose, fleshy pallor, but boy does it get your brain revving like you wouldn't believe.

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 7
Autosell value: 150
Contains caffeine (4)

How Obtained

Assemble.gif Rainbow's Ark pill Blue Oxford drink‎
Equals.gif Exigen-C cocktail

When Consumed

It takes some effort to drink the thick, syrupy, opalescent liquid, but when you're done you tingle from head to toe. Heck, even your aura seems to tingle in a pearly blue fashion.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +90-100 minutes

Using multiple: Same as single use