Expendable Lad's boots

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Expendable Lad's boots
Plural: pairs of Expendable Lads' boots
Expendable Lad was a famous sidekick back in the Silver Age of Twilight. Of course, his name wasn't really Expendable Lad it was Buffy or Binkley or Sparrow or something. Nobody ever really remembered his name; all they remembered was his terrible, terrible luck. Be it being shot with a freezing ray, being reverse aged to a toddler, being turned into a newt, being launched to the moon, or any number of horrible, weird, and outright absurd things that seemed to happen to him on a nearly monthly basis. Many people think his costume didn't help, either. Regardless of what abilities they conferred, the Concentric Red Rings of Power were universally regarded as a bad idea.

These are his boots. In addition to his outfit being blamed for his tendency to have horrible things happen to him, Expendable Lad had a horrible habit of jumping into the middle of things, even when he was terribly outclassed. While you need no encouragement to engage in such foolishness, the aura around these boots might inspire someone else to step up and take charge.

September 2013 Item of the Month

Power: 10
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+15% effectiveness from your sidekick.
+10% to initiative
Kick back when your sidekick is doing the attacking
Together with the gloves, inspire your sidekick to foolish new heights

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

  • When equipped, grants a combat skill Rest on Expendable Lad's Heels:
You kick back and rest on your sidekick's laurels, regaining X HP and X PP. They're pretty comfy, especially for a bunch of branches.
<sidekick> leaps into the fray like Expendable Lad and lands an ill-considered jab for Y damage.
<sidekick> jumps out in front of the attack, absorbing Z damage meant for you. Just like Expendable Lad... sniff


  • Combat skill can only be used once per combat and can't be used the round after the sidekick jumps in front of the attack.
  • When bought: The shopkeeper accepts your stars in exchange for a well-worn pair of boots. All the other heroes' sidekicks are going to be so jealous!


Item of the Month
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September 2013
Expendable Lad's gloves
Expendable Lad's boots
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