Firefly gloves

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Item Number: 1300
Description ID: 1652044
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firefly gloves
Plural: pairs of firefly gloves
This is a pair of soft, supple gloves that have been coated with glowing green goo from dozens of ground up lampyridae. Pretty gross, huh kids?

Just kidding. They're actually a lovely blue color, much like you'd see in a rapidly flowing, hard to find river on a lovely summer evening. They make you feel ready to take on any and all malcontents, even if they're hiding inside a castle.

These gloves can also help you give the most noble of greetings: live long and phosphor!

Power: 6
Level Required: 5
Autosell value: 200

Attacker takes +4 electric damage upon successful hit.

How Obtained

Wandering Villains


  • The item references the TV series Firefly:
  • The blue color, together with being dropped by two foes hints at the two blue-gloved men ("Two by Two Hands Of Blue").
  • "hard to find river on a lovely summer evening" refers to Summer Glau who plays River Tam.
  • Castle refers to two other TV series in which players in Firefly play, namely Castle starred by Nathan Fillion and the CIA base in Chuck in which Adam Baldwin plays.
  • "Mal"content may be a reference to Mal.
  • "live long and phosphor!" refers to the Vulcan salute "Live long and prosper".