Flying above Twilight

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Flying above Twilight
Location: Downtown Twilight
Unlocks: flying
Combat %: 0
Foe XP range: N/A
UR: Rabid airborne rodent
ID: 28

Trying to adventure here without the ability to fly (for example using the last location link) will get you:


You shout loudly, "Up, up, and away!" but nothing much happens. Oh, right. You can't fly. Embarassed[sic], you peer around to make sure nobody saw you and then slink off into the darkness.

Combat Adventures

Rabid airborne rodent

Item Drops: Ultimate Aviator Goggles

Experience Gained: 105

Notes: Ultra-rare

Noncombat Adventures

Do the Dew

Fastest Commute Ever

  • Experience: 0.95-1.05 * base Reflexes, cap level*12

Mapquest: Fastest Quest Ever

  • Experience: 0.95-1.05 * base Intellect, cap level*12

One Good Turn Deserves Another

  • Experience: 0.95-1.05 * base Strength, cap level*12

If wings of Icarus are equipped:

No Sun Here
  • The first time you survive the onslaught: broken wings and 10 intellect
  • Fail to survive or following survivals: broken wings and 5 intellect

Static Villains

Reptauron, the Flying Lizard

Item Drops: Reptauron's egg