Frog Wars medal

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Item Number: 2333
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Frog Wars medal
Plural: Frog Wars medals
You remember the Frog Wars? Those were some dark days. Amphibians being raised up, getting chainsaw legs, fighting other animals... it was rough, cappy. Really rough. And don't get me started on the tunnel races.

If you're brave enough to pin this to your shirt, you'll find yourself bigger and beefier, even if you might get some skin problems. Still, you'll need that extra endurance, because this is gonna hurt.

Special Wok of Stars Item

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+5 damage absorption
Regenerates HP as a function of level (currently +X HP per turn).
+20% electric resistance
This game is too hard

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

  • Available for 5 silver stars from December 30 2014 to late December 2015.


  • X is ?, capped at 10
  • When bought: The shopkeeper accepts your 5 silver stars and, with a rueful shake of his head, pins a medal to your chest. Huh. You've never heard of the Frog Wars, but you're sure they were really hard.