Frostheim mocha

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Item Number: 984
Description ID: 4103999
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Frostheim mocha
Plural: Frostheim mochas
Ever had a healthy mocha? You know, where they replace the coffee with decaf, the milk with soy, and the sugary syrup with sugar-free "syrup"? They probably replace the chocolate with carob. Ever have one of those?

This is the opposite of those. This is high-caffeine coffee run through a French press, the milk is practically cream, the syrup is made from pure cane, and the chocolate is a special, extra-dark variety made by Deacon himself. This is the ultimate mocha!

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 12
Autosell value: 200
Contains caffeine (6)
Contains sugar (3)

How Obtained

Wandering Villains

When Consumed

You sip the sweet, warming blend of coffee and cocoa. There's just a hint of something else, a secret ingredient. You suspect it's equal portions peppermint and evil.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +137-149 minutes

Using multiple: Same as single use