Genuine lookalike World Series 2011 ring

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Item Number: 1777
Description ID: 48211987
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genuine lookalike World Series 2011 ring
Plural: genuine lookalike World Series 2011 rings
This is a spectacularly large ring made out of gold, with a large red stone in the center. It's got an engraving on the inside that reads: "St. Louis - Texas - 2011." As tempting as it would be to sell this thing for the cash, everyone knows the rightful place of baseball memorabilia is a dusty box in the attic, where it will sit until either your mom or your heirs throw it out without looking.

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

Attacker takes +15% fire damage upon successful hit.
+1 to the cost of combat skills

How Obtained

Final reward for getting all 27 "outs" in Frank's Ballpark VII