Gingerbread chair

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What does it do?
Item Number: 2918
Description ID: 78846998
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gingerbread chair
Plural: gingerbread chairs
Whether you pull it up to the dinner table, rest there after dealing with your secret identity's family, or use it to settle in for a night of epic gaming, everybody needs somewhere to sit on Christmas.

This seat is about as thematic as you can get for that, even if it comes at the cost of leaving gingerbread and frosting stuck to you when you stand back up.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 1,000

Can be used as a resting tool.

How Obtained

Was given to each player by Kinak as a gift for Christmas 2019. The message said:

I know Christmas can be a lot of work, so be sure to kick back and rest when you can too.

Merry Christmas!

Included item: gingerbread chair (quantity 1) Gingerbreadchair.gif


  • Resting with this in your inventory ???