Gray sand

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Item Number: 134
Description ID: 9994389
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gray sand
Plural: piles of gray sand
This is a little plastic sphere filled with gray sand. If you shake it, the sand spirls and swarkles--um, swirls and sparkles--with an eerie shimmer. It looks like you could open it if you wanted.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot traded, sold, or placed in a memento display

How Obtained

Dank and Rusty Maze

When Used

If Rank and Musty Daze is active:

It's obvious the say grand is important somehow, but your mind is still reeling from everything you saw in the maze. In your befuddled state, you can't even figure out how to open the say grand's... gray sand's container.

Yeah, it's probably best to leave there for a while until the daze wears off and you're back to your old self.

Without Rank and Musty Daze active:

You pull at the plastic container. It resists for a second, and then springs open with a loud pop. Shimmering say grand--er, gray sand--sprays up in the air, sparkling pleasantly. You stand transfixed for a second as the sand slowly settles down upon you and seems to dissipate. You realize, through some feared wheeling--uh weird feeling--that you have a choice to make. What do you choose?

  • Bet Gigger (Strength): The power of the gray sand obeys and you bet gigger. Excuse me, get bigger. You gain 5 strength
  • A Mig Bind (Intellect): The power of the gray sand obeys and you get a mig bind. Excuse me, get a big mind. You gain 5 intellect
  • Be Fade Master (Reflexes): The power of the gray sand obeys and you are fade master. Excuse me, made faster. You gain 5 reflexes