Gyro stabilizer

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Item Number: 359
Description ID: 5211295
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gyro stabilizer
Plural: gyro stabilizers
This thing is a little like a mechanized gyroscope. It's got sensors that allow it to keep just about anything (well, anything small enough to be held in one hand) balanced. The down side is the batteries don't last very long, but the upside is it's physically impossible to throw one of these away while it's running (those darn automatic sensors), so a short battery life is useful.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 25
Can be welded

How Obtained

Disassembling digital rapier

When Used

You attach the gyro stabilizer to your weapon. All of your styrofoam becomes jabilized. Wait, no, your weapon's balance and accuracy improves dramatically. You get an effect, Gyro-Matic. (Added for 40 minutes.)

Using multiple: Same as single use

Other Uses