Hot potato

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Item Number: 287
Description ID: 4922421
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hot potato
Plural: hot potatoes
Ooh, you've gotta move fast with this thing, or you're in real trouble. Whose idea was it to play hot potato with yourself?

Offhand Item
Level Required: 11
Autosell value: 190

+10% Reflexes

How Obtained

Assemble.gif smoldering ash pocket van de graf generator
Equals.gif hot potato


  • When created you get the following message:
You spread the smoldering ash all over the metal sphere. It's a soft metal, apparently, and as the ash sinks into the surface the whole thing melts and squishes under your fingertips. Eventually the whole thing is knobby and oblong, kind of like a potato. The ash has made it perpetually hot, too. Ooh! You start tossing it from hand to hand and then decide you'd better put it down.