Ice cube ship

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Item Number: 2171
Description ID: 23969890
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ice cube ship
Plural: ice cube ships
This ice cube is lovingly crafted so it looks like a sinking ship. You'll just have to assume all the tiny ice people got away before you popped this out of the ice cube tray.

Except the tiny ice person that plinked off the smokestack. That was hilarious.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot traded, sold, or placed in a memento display
Autosell value: 10
Combat Usable

Rental equipment is lost at rollover

How Obtained

novelty ice cube tray

When Used

You float your ice cube ship in a glass of water and drink it down to regain 15-30 PP. Refreshing!

Using multiple:
You unleash your ice armada in a glass of water and drink the ocean and the entire fleet to regain some PP. Poseidolicious!

When Used in Combat

You treat the <foe> to a complementary cruise, care of Pykrete Cruise Lines. Although the cruise is pretty cold, it's kind of hard for the <foe> to justify beating you up after that.


  • Combat use stuns the foe for 2-3 turns.


  • References the movie Titanic, specifically the scene where the ship was sinking and one of the faceless passengers fell and bounced off the smoke stack with a comical plinking sound.
  • Combat use references Pykrete and its planned use as a shipbuilding material.