Incredibly elaborate wrench

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Item Number: 1991
Description ID: 94168088
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incredibly elaborate wrench
Plural: increasingly elaborate wrenches
You've heard of multi-bit screwdrivers or even a multi-socket wrench, but it's not immediately obvious how you'd tighten six nuts or why you'd want to if you could. Rest assured, though, once you figure it out, it'll be great for taking stuff apart and maintaining your ranged weapons.

The British would call this an "incredibly elaborate spanner," but this was written by an American, which really throws a wrench in my other joke.

Offhand Item
Level Required: 15
Autosell value: 678

+8% Ranged damage
+8% item drops

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif irrhodium socket set steamwork core
Equals.gif incredibly elaborate wrench