Infrared flair

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Item Number: 1782
Description ID: 12882289
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infrared flair
Plural: pieces of infrared flair
Does your boss demand that you wear flair? Does he want 37 pieces of flair? Now you can claim to have as much as you want, by using invisible flair! Well... unless your boss walks around with night-vision goggles.

Level Required: 6
Item cannot be traded or sold
Autosell value: 200

Infinitesimally increased odds of finding an ultra-rare.
Moderately increased odds of finding nonseizium.
+2 XP per turn

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif nonseizium metal medal of mettle
Equals.gif infrared flair


  • The description refers to a restaurant manager in the movie Office Space who required all of his employees to wear a specified amount of "flair".