International House of Auctions

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International House of Auctions
Location: Downtown Twilight

An elderly gentleman greets you as you enter the hall. "Welcome to the International Hall of Auctions! Here we bring you relics of the past, so you don't have to go back there."

"Trust me," he gestures at a portal swirling in the back room, "it's a mess back then."

Behind the counter, you can see an old bulletin board covered with yellowed sheets of paper, more recent records and some straightforward instructions.

All auctions here are for old items from the Wok of Stars and, as such, bids are in silver stars.

If you don't have any silver stars:

You currently don't have any silver stars in your inventory.

or, with just one:

You currently have one silver star in your inventory.

or, with any more:

You currently have X silver stars in your inventory.


From the outside, it looks like this place has been shut down for years, but you can see a glimmering green light peeks out between the boards on the windows.

A closer look reveals that the door is ajar and, beyond it, that a hole has been ripped in time. At least, that's what giant swirling green portals usually indicate.

And, judging by the fact the cityscape beyond is in pure black and white, the hole probably leads to the past.

But, really, there's only one way to find out: jump into the rift.

  • From October 31, 2014 to February 22, 2015:

You try to visit the Hall of Auctions, but the door's locked... and someone's boarded over the windows... and there's a foreclosure sign... and a layer of dust over everything. It's like the place has been abandoned for years.

  • Before October 31, 2014:

The House of Auctions in Downtown is where players can trade items with other players using an auction system. See Auctions & Trade for more details.

The International House of Auctions can also be accessed from the "Auction House" link.