Invisible Store

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Invisible Store
Location: Heavy Industry District‎
Unlocks: Invisible

Upon entering the store, you are confronted with a completely white room that is seemingly devoid of any objects. Feeling around a bit, though, your hand encounters an invisible man. After you apologize for groping him, he introduces himself as the store's proprietor. While guiding you around the room he presents to you his under-seen wares.

Item Price
crystalline slippers 300 chips Crystalline-slippers.gif
glass gauntlets 300 chips Glass-gauntlets.gif
diamond ring 400 chips Diamond-ring.gif
ice kite 400 chips Ice-kite.gif
limpid kufiyya 400 chips Limpid-kufiyya.gif
plastic wrap armband 600 chips Plastic-wrap-armband.gif
invisible claymore 750 chips Invisible-claymore.gif
translucent rifle 750 chips Translucent-rifle.gif
invisible jet 1,000 chips Invisible-jet.gif
quartz amulet 2,000 chips Quartz-amulet.gif
cellophane zubaz 3,000 chips Cellophane-zubaz.gif
see-through shirt 3,000 chips See-through-shirt.gif



  • The shop name on the zone screen is invisible as it is colored white, like this.
  • The link to the shop appears only when invisible.
  • While the shop may be accessible without being invisible, trying to buy an item when not invisible results in:

The invisible store only sells to invisible people.