Jury-rigged splatter

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Item Number: 878
Description ID: 1992526
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jury-rigged splatter
Plural: jury-rigged splatters
"Splatter" in this case describes what the thing does, rather than what the thing is. Basically, it's a flamethrower without the flame, and the stuff it sprays is more acidic than flammable. Inflammable. Whatever.

Ranged weapon (Exotic ranged)
Power: 1
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 150

+20 acid damage

How Obtained

Assemble.gif glob of goo laser cannon
Equals.gif jury-rigged splatter


  • When created you get the following message:
You rip the power pack out of the cannon and fill the innards with goo. Somehow it still works, but now it fires splats of goo instead of lasers.