The Last Nostronomian Store

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The Last Nostronomian Store
Location: Heavy Industry District
Unlocks: After The Last Nostronomian quest.

You drop by the Last Nostronomian Store. It's both the last vestige of the Nostronomian economy and run by the Last Nostronomian. So the name works both ways.

You can tell that the Nostronomian is extremely pleased with itself for its wordplay.

If you don't have ions with you:

You don't currently have any ions, which is a bummer because the entire Nostronomian economy runs... ran on ions.

If you have some ions with you:

You currently have X ions.

Choose an Item Price
Crystal.gif cosmic sugar crystals 1 ion
Signalwhistle.gif Nostronomian signal whistle 2 ions
Coffee-cup.gif ground coffee 3 ions
Squid-disc.gif SQUID disc: An alien and its human 5 ions
Ionicoverthruster.gif ionic overthruster 10 ions
Swampgas.gif light reflected off a weather balloon 30 ions
Nostronomiantextbook.gif Nostronomian textbook 50 ions