The Last Nostronomian

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1. If you have completed the Level 10 Quest and have 33400 XP or more, EITHER adventure in the renegade robot hive with a source of flying/super-jumping ability and without a companion until you get the Trapped! noncombat, pick the third option and you'll get the Last Nostronomian companion OR use a Nostronomian signal whistle to summon the companion right away.

2. Adventure anywhere you want until the companion's time runs out with the following message:

Your nostrowhatever sidekick thanks you for guiding him around Earth locales, but says it's almost time for his sleep cycle to begin and heads off for more familiar surroundings.

3. Go look for it in the renegade robot hive with a source of flying/super-jumping ability until you get the Trapped! noncombat. Again pick the third option, but you won't find it. Instead you'll find some clues about where it might be.

This adds the following journal message:

The alien that helped you before has gone missing, apparently taken to Shiloh Sanatarium.

4. Adventure in the Shiloh Sanatarium until you encounter the Nostronomian sleepwalker. After you defeat it, it'll drop its Shiloh appointment schedule.

This updates the journal message to:

When you fought the Nostronomian in Shiloh Sanatarium, it dropped a scrap of paper that looked like an appointment sheet. I might be stepping over the line, but I think it might be a clue.

5. Use the Shiloh appointment schedule, you'll find the alien's appointment time with Dr. Somnus. The set time is different from one day to the next, make sure you check it the next day before doing anything.

If you're past the appointment time, the journal message is updated to:

It looks like the Nostonomian's appointment with Dr. Somnus has already passed. It looks like there's another one tomorrow, so you make a note in your journal to check the sheet then, before you get too wrapped up in anything.

See! There's the note, right there! It's like I'm psychic!

6. Adventure in Shiloh Sanatarium at the appointed time and you'll face Dr. Somnus. Defeating her completes the quest.

The following message will be added to the Completed Quests section of your journal:

You freed the Last Nostronomian from the hypnotic clutches of Dr. Somnus.


  • In step 2, if you dismiss the alien before the time is up you won't get the thank you message and will have to go back to step 1.
  • In step 6, until you defeat Dr. Somnus, you can find her from set time X:Y:Z to X:(Y+14):59.