Lepidoptera's First Symphony

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Item Number: 2657
Description ID: 49766452
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Lepidoptera's First Symphony
Plural: verses of Lepidoptera's First Symphony
Butterfly culture is well known for its love of music, but it's mostly old folk tunes. You don't get a lot of new compositions, which makes this extra precious and even more likely to get stuck in your head.

Autosell value: 500

+25% sonic damage resistance
+25% psychic damage resistance

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif flight of the Lepidoptera verse of the dodo
Equals.gif Lepidoptera's First Symphony

When Used

  • First time every day

You start to listen to it and... sweet Martha, it's going to be stuck in your head again, isn't it?

You gain an effect: Earcaterpillar. (Added for 120 minutes.)

  • Consecutive times:

Nope, not listening to that again. Spent enough time with that stuck in your head for one day.