Little yellow pill

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Item Number: 65
Description ID: 6332610
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little yellow pill
Plural: little yellow pills
This is a little yellow pill. Which means it's little, yellow, and just like all the other little yellow pills.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 20

How Obtained

Randomly found when using a bottle of pills.

When Used

You take the yellow pill and wash it down with some water from your water bottle, because keeping yourself hydrated is important for any superhero. A strange numbness comes over you, and you find yourself feeling unconcerned about anything. This magical indifference means not only will names never hurt you, even sticks and stones don't hurt as much. (Added for 30 minutes.)

Gives effect: Little Yellow Indifferent

Using multiple: Same as single use


  • The item is a reference to Nuprin, a brand of Ibuprofen with the slogan "Little. Yellow. Different."