Long-lost wallet

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Item Number: 385
Description ID: 7321419
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long-lost wallet
Plural: long-lost wallets
You lost this wallet months ago. You were sure you'd never see it again, but here it is. You kind of wonder how many other pockets it's been in over that time. Did it like those other pockets better? Did its other owners put more money into it than you did? Did it like being ...

You know what? Maybe you'd better drop this line of reasoning right here.

Comes from February 2008 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 5

How Obtained

Having someone use a lost wallet on you:

<User name> just returned an item that they think used to belong to you.

Included item: long-lost wallet (quantity 1) Lost-wallet.gif

When Used

Huh. You haven't seen this thing since the weekend you spent in El Segundo. You'd given it up for lost a long time ago, and of course the money is gone (not that you had much in it to begin with), but having some of the other bits of paper back is nice. Here's your library card, your grocery store discount card, and a couple of old fortune cookie fortunes that were too funny to throw away. You feel like your old self again, only more so. You get an effect, Strong Sense of Self. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Using multiple: Same as single use