Lost & Foundry

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Lost & Foundry
Location: Heavy Industry District‎

What better place to purchase some cast metal than at a metalcasting place? No, don't get started on the pointlessness of tautologies, it was a rhetorical quesion. Yes, rhetorical questions are nearly as pointless as tautologies, I realize.

Item Price
cast arm cast 150 chips Foundry-gloves.gif
moulded bouts 150 chips Foundry-boots.gif
foundry shield 180 chips Foundry-shield.gif
dimestaff 195 chips Foundry-staff.gif
throwing axe set 195 chips Throwing-axe.gif
anodized bascinet 210 chips Bascinet.gif
anodized chauses 210 chips Chauses.gif
weakened byrnie 210 chips Byrnie.gif
foundry suit 360 chips Foundry-plate.gif