Mafia informer

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Mafia informer

How Obtained

Companion obtained from item.
Item: Twilight Gold card‎
Duration: 60 minutes


Ability: +20% chips


  • While you're grabbing the chips from your opponent, the informer cracks open a parking meter. You start to object, but he says, "Relax, it's a mafia-run meter. Thirty years I'm busting my hump. What have I got? Better us split the profits than they get it."
    Your half is X chips.
  • You start to put your chips into your money pouch, but the informer stops you. "No, you always put the big chips on the outside, see?" Somehow the money you're carrying looks like a bigger pile than before... X chips bigger.
  • The informer helps you pat down your defeated opponent, finding X chips. When you offer your thanks, he just says "Forget about it."
  • The informer shakes his head. Looks like it's not worth searching your opponent for chips.