MechaPinata paws

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Item Number: 1964
Description ID: 40810941
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MechaPinata paws
Plural: MechaPinata paws
If you're going to cosplay as a MechaPinata, you're gonna need some paws.

Now, stay with me here. I know that MechaPinatas are perissodactyla, so they don't really have paws, but you have hands (I hope), so we're kind of cheating a little. Besides, how would you hold your weapon with a hoof?

Power: 23
Level Required: 20
Autosell value: 100

+10 offense
+10 spell damage
MechaPinata Fortitude (Currently +X to Maximum HP)

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif saw glove MechaMache
Equals.gif MechaPinata paws


  • As mentioned in the description, members of the order Perissodactyla (Odd-toed ungulates) have hooves, not paws.