Metaphoric shoes

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Item Number: 1089
Description ID: 6185569
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metaphoric shoes
Plural: metaphoric shoes
Y'know that saying about walking a mile in the other guy's shoes? Well, after wearing these, you're certain of two things. First, these are the shoes the first person to say that was referring to. Secondly, the reason the 'other guy' was such an ass was probably because he was in pain. These shoes hurt. They are, however, inexplicably shiny. And you are learning something by wearing them. (Like you really need to treat your feet better.)

Power: 19
Level Required: 18
Autosell value: 10

+5 XP per turn
-1 HP per turn
+8 to initiative

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif malkamite tormented soles
Equals.gif metaphoric shoes