Misericorde of the Squid

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Item Number: 727
Description ID: 6118385
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Misericorde of the Squid
Plural: Misericordes of the Squid
A misericorde is very similar to a stiletto, but has a more ceremonial use: quickly ending the life of a mortally wounded knight. This little number has a whole squid motif going on and seems to writhe when you aren't looking right at it. Frankly, it looks like it's designed to make things more painful as opposed to painless.

Melee weapon (Slashing, small)
Power: 380
Level Required: 40
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+20% to hit
Successful hit weakens opponents (by 8 points).
+6% chance of critical hits.**

** Fumble and critical hit values are capped at +/- 20%.

How Obtained

Creepy Old House