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Game mottos appear on the top right corner of the login page.

The usual mottoes include:

  • 50% less fat than other superhero games.
  • A hero is as a hero does, sir.
  • A long night's journey into day.
  • A nightly slice off vice.
  • Carpe noctem! (Seize the night.)
  • Crime picked the wrong night to fight.
  • Crime-free for 0 days.
  • Does this spandex make me look fat?
  • Don't listen to Tina Turner. We do need another hero.
  • Elemental heroes never die, they just lose their spark.
  • Fighting for truth, justice, and a bottomless cup of coffee.
  • Gadgeteer heroes: whoever dies with the most toys, wins.
  • Gamma-testing and proud!
  • Keeping the criminals clean and the streets behind bars.
  • Meticulously constructed ... Ingenious, funny, and advertising-free.
-PC Gamer magazine
  • My other job is fighting crime.
  • My other shirt is a cape.
  • Now saving more than cheerleaders and worlds.
  • Now with 20% more battlecries and catchphrases!
  • One million heroes strong ... in 2075!
  • Only you can prevent forest fires, car fires, and arson.
  • Think one person can change the world? With tie-dyed pajamas and a baseball bat, so do we.
  • When the sun goes down, evil gets its comeuppance.
  • When there's nothing else, superheroes float.
  • Who needs sleep anyway?
  • With great power comes great super. Huh?


  • During the period leading to November 2009 the motto was temporarily replaced with a countdown to the "Thirty Days of Twilight". From October 21st 2009 to October 26th, the motto read:
Thirty Days of Twilight begins in 10 days.

The number was changed to 5 on October 27th, to 4 on the 28th and to 1 on the 31st. On November 1st the motto was replaced by:

Thirty Days of Twilight begins today!

And on November 2nd it changed to:

Thirty Days of Twilight begins yesterday!

On November 3rd things went back to normal.

  • Before retcon was released September 29th 2010 and the game proceeded to gamma testing, that motto read
Beta-testing and proud!
  • On June 28th 2011, the motto was:
1337 days of Twilight Heroes since beta, and still counting.