Mount Vernon, Kentucky

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Mount Vernon, Kentucky is a recurring theme in the city.


  • One of the possible origins of the lesser and greater pit fiends in the Fiendish Pit is "Mount Vernon, Kentucky".
  • On April Fool's Day one of the possible random locations in users' profile was "Mount Vernon, Kentucky".
  • The Grumpy old smuggler mentions that Mos Eisley is "... a little town in Kentucky, you know. Used to be called Mount Vernon until the cologne wars ..."


"Ah, Mount Vernon is just one of those little personal touches. I had a car break down there on my first day of spring break. Things went downhill from there.... It's always symbolized a little bit of personal hell for me... Also, growing up in Indiana, one learns a general disdain for Kentucky, even if it's completely irrational. Most states have rivals like that."