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Twilight Dictionary

multi abuse

n. Using multiple characters to violate the terms and conditions of the game.

The policies are pretty clear, but I've noticed that people tend not to read the policies, and then they get rather upset when I'm forced to warn them and/or confiscate their goods and/or delete their accounts for cheating. The rule is thus: if you control more than one character in this game, they are not allowed to interact in any way. That especially means no sending items or chips from one account to the other.

I realize this warning might surprise some people, or might be triggered at times when there is no multi abuse, so here's a few clarifications. Read on and determine for yourself whether your actions are within the rules.

Not multi abuse:

  • Trading with or sending items to another person, even if they happen to share the same IP or same computer as you.
  • Moving donation items (that you paid cash for) from one of your characters to another. I consider anything that was donated directly for to belong to the player, and not the character. This DOES NOT include any 'donation' items that may have been purchased from another player with chips.
  • Receiving items from another player who is 'quitting the game' and emptying their account ... as long as you don't become the owner of that account at the end. If you're acquiring the whole account, then it's YOUR account now, and multi abuse applies.

This is multi abuse:

  • Sending money or items from any character you control to any other character you control. Note that the reason for this doesn't matter -- I don't care if you're researching, planning on giving them away, or anything else. (See the exception above for donation items that you actually donated for.)
  • Sending buffs to other characters you control. Buffs are generally plentiful enough from other players.
  • Trading between characters you control. I appreciate some people will try to be fair while doing this, but it's really impossible to know if you're actually being fair when there isn't a second party to bargain with you.
  • Doing any of the above with a character you 'partially control' or 'share' or just acquired from somebody else, or are just about to acquire.
  • Using one character's wealth/abilities to get goods for another of your characters. For example, offering bonus items from character2 if a player trades with character1. Or offering buffs from character1 if a player trades with character2.
  • Trying to get around the spirit of the rules using multiple characters to circumvent the normal restrictions on time you have to adventure. For example, creating a multi that sends all of its chips to your friend, while your friend has a multi that sends all of its chips to you. This obviously has the same advantage for you as if you made a multi that sent all of its chips directly to you, and is quite obviously cheating--you're getting free chips that no other honest player would have access to.

What do I do if I just got this warning?

Well, if you think that the warning was valid, then please send the chips/items back or cancel the trade, and desist from doing so in the future. If you've looked at the list and you're positive what you just did was valid, you can ignore the warning. (We do log these things; don't assume that just because you're policing yourself that we're not also watching.) If you're not sure, please take a little time and effort to think about it and try to sort it out. If you're still not sure, you can always ask Ryme or any moderator for clarification, but please attempt to use the guidelines above first.


A link in the multi-abuse warning, which is shown if you perform an act which the game suspects to be multi-abuse.