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Twilight Heroes Wiki News Archive


04-03-11 - Sorry about the extended April Fools "joke". It was a case of = vs ==.

02-06-11 - There is currently a problem with uploading images to the wiki.

09-13-10 - The wiki has successfully been moved. Please report any problems to thwiki at Thank you for your cooperation.

09-12-10 - The wiki is being moved to a new server. Please do not upload any images and avoid major edits. The site address will stay the same, it's just new hardware and a new IP.

06-02-10 - As of a couple days ago, there have been frequent 500 Internal Server Errors. This is known, and I'm trying to fix it. Please report any other unusual errors, though.

04-02-10 - Ha ha! The doctype declaration was changed from Transitional to Strict. April Fools!

04-01-10 - Nothing at all has been done to the wiki for April Fool's day.

06-04-09 - Due to image cleanup I had to edit some user pages. I did my best to leave the pages as they were except for image names, but I apologize if I made any errors -- Muhandes

12-01-08 - Upgrading has finished. Please tell me any problems you encounter.

12-01-08 - The wiki's going down for a couple hours today for upgrades, so don't be alarmed.

02-26-08 - The wiki now has a forum for itself. It is here.

01-12-08 - The new wiki is stable and there are very few Wiki News updates. Can we use this area for something else? talk page

01-07-08 - As a result of some vandalism problems, registration is now required to edit.

12-11-07 - The wiki has been released!

12-05-07 - The new and hopefully final Wiki is up and running. Time to move some data!

from previous wikis


The wiki has been down for a week after we exceed the 6gb/month limit. An ongoing discussion on how to handle this is taking place in the forums. A real possibility is to move these pages to ScribbleWiki which would also fix the persistent errors here.


a new look for the main page is now fully implemented, it has been redesigned for long term use rather than site construction. this is wiki, feel free to continue evolving (or reverting) the layout. direct any comments/questions to the talk page.


Any spading contributions for the new quest event are appreciated -K3v


When creating new Skills pages, please use the Skill page template. Thanks.


Creating a new page seems impossible right now with the wiki bug doesn't it? Well it's actually not! When a page doesn't exist copy and paste and substitute the bolded "New page name" with the new pages name. Thank you everyone for your hard work!


Changing Items by ID to Items by Name in all the item pages is now 100% complete! Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed!


If you are looking for a specific job, they are now being listed lower on this page under the "Where We Need Your Help The Most" subheadline, thank you again for your help!


In order to start making the site look more uniform, I would like to suggest This as a template for creating or editing mob pages. Thank you for all your help!


Thank you Everyone for helping the Twilight Wiki increase in size! The amount of information uploaded in the past few days is amazing. If you enjoy using the wiki and feel like you would like to help out, go right ahead. Everyone has permission to view and edit pages. If you don't know how to do something when editing a wiki page check out Wikipedia Help for a complete tutorial in wiki editing.

Twilight Heroes is now in very early beta so things will be changing very fast! It's going to take a lot of people to keep up with the new content.