Night cap

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Item Number: 231
Description ID: 2929179
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night cap
Plural: night caps
This knit cap also has some sort of gel-based eye mask. It's perpetually cool and soothing on your brow when the mask is down over your eyes, but you can't see very well because the stuff in the gel twinkles and swirls hypnotically. However, you can flip the mask up when you need to do important things--like, you know, fight crime or something.

Power: 40
Level Required: 6
Autosell value: 100

Improved resting.

How Obtained

Assemble.gif pathway imager knit cap
Equals.gif night cap

Other Uses

  • When resting with night cap worn, PP restored is increased by 5.


  • Finding the extra property of this item was the January 2009 bounty. Back then, the item did not have the text "Improved resting." in the description.