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During combat, certain actions can create Openings. When this happens, heroes can

Take an Opening

Whenever any Openings are available, there is always an option, "Openings?" which gives the following text:

Openings are heroic opportunities created by certain events in combat or when fighting certain foes. For Example:

followed by a description of currently available openings.

Openings from enemy fumbles

  • Whipping Winds make it harder for your opponent to hit you or dodge, possibly also tripping your enemy.
  • Shaming Shot demonstrates your trick shooting for damage and demoralization.
  • Feline Pounce a leaping attack that can bowl over your foes.
  • Psychic Heckling is that sort of thing that will really undermine someone's self-worth... and resistance to psychic attacks.

Openings from critical hits

Melee Weapons

  • Dragonslayer spears anything like a dragon... unless it's too much like a dragon. Then it's really just a normal attack.
  • Fancy Bladework gives you a short-term but quite powerful buff to your blade skills.
  • Hammer It Home stuns your opponent with repeated blows to the head or whatever passes for one. It's not elegant, but it does the job.
  • Like Chopping Wood cuts your enemies does to size with down-home wisdom. The bigger they are, after all...
  • Pull the Other One stuns your opponent and drags them from their feet... just like in that one movie with the whip. No, not that movie.
  • Swing for the Fences is one way to make sure your enemy is going... going... gone. It's probably not what you want to do to a villain who you don't want to get away, but it is quite satisfying.

Ranged Weapons

  • Dart Shark turns the fight into an impromptu game you're likely to win some credits from.
  • Firebreather follows your attack with a firebreathing round.
  • Follow Tracers is a normal ranged attack... except the part where it can't miss.
  • For My Next Trick I'm going to describe this opening. It's a basic attack, but also reduces an opponent's dodge and defense, regardless of whether it hits.
  • Set to Overload deals electric and fire damage at the expense of your weapon's structural integrity.
  • Wicked Curve puts so much English on your attacks they might just hit your enemy more times.


  • Always Strikes Twice hits your opponent with a bolt of lightning.
  • Deepest Strikes instantly defeats weak foes and weakens others.
  • Fan the Flames keeps your opponent on fire until they figure out how to stop, drop, and roll. Knowing Twilight's villains, it might be a while.
  • Freeze! Stuns and weakens your opponent with a combination of numbing cold and terrible puns.
  • Throw Away Foe sends your opponent clear out of the fight.

Openings from enemy criticals

  • Stop, Drop, and... something you're supposed to do when you're on fire. It's right on the tip of your tongue. It'll come to you.
  • Static Shock turns the power of electricity against your foes.
  • Believe In Yourself, man! It'll fix everything! Or at least how your enemy has become a towering embodiment of all your fears and insecurities.

Openings from other sources

  • Break the Iceberg moves Iceberg Nine closer to destruction. It's a cold job, but somebody's got to do it.