Overwhelmingly cool duster

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Item Number: 2185
Description ID: 21990480
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overwhelmingly cool duster
Plural: overwhelmingly cool dusters
With its long length and heavy leather mantle, this duster looks like it just walked off the set of El Dorado. You don't usually see coats like this any more, but it looks heavy enough to withstand just about anything short of an all out war with supernatural monsters. For day-to-day heroing, it'll be more than sufficient to keep your back protected and to make you even more of a hero than you already are. After all, the clothes make the man, right?

Of course, wearing something this striking is bound to attract attention. And judging by how secretly jealous everyone is of this awesome coat, you can bet your bottom nickel that it's going to be unwelcome attention. Thankfully, the coat has a few tricks up its sleeves to help even the odds.

January 2014 Item of the Month

Power: 100
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+20% spell damage
Regenerates PP as a function of level (currently +X PP per turn).
Villains find you +10% faster
Makes for dramatic entrances (and exits)

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

When facing villains the following message is added:

You break through a conveniently located skylight, coat flapping dramatically as everything around you bursts into flames for no discernable reason.
You gain an effect: Dramatic Mastery. (Added for 30 minutes.)

When you successfully run away with Dramatic Mastery active, the usual messages are replaced by:

You balance out your earlier dramatic entrance with an equal, but opposite, dramatic exit. It involves a cinematic swirl of your coat and fire... a lot of fire. (removes effect)

When entering combat against a non-scaling opponent with Sundowner Breeze active:

As you hurl yourself into the fight, the sundowner winds cause your duster to flap dramatically. It's awesome. Inconvenient, but awesome. (Further increases the toughness of your foe)


  • X is floor(Level/2)+3, capped at 10.
  • The run away with Dramatic Mastery active counts as a free run away if successful. It differs from free run aways from items or skills in that it is not guaranteed and the initial run away must be successful.
  • If your escape results in a parting shot the Dramatic Mastery message will not trigger.
  • When bought: The shopkeeper hands you the duster as though it might explode at any moment. As you accept it, you get a whiff of brimstone, old leather, and older books.
  • The additional increase to foe toughness with Sundowner Breeze is proportional to the base ability of the foe after accounting for other sources Foe Toughness modifiers.


  • The description contains a reference to the novel Storm Front, in which Harry Dresden's wardrobe is compared to the costumes in El Dorado, a western film.

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overwhelmingly cool duster
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