Pawn of Destruction

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Item Number: 1272
Description ID: 9861549
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Pawn of Destruction
Plural: Pawns of Destruction
This isn't a low level minion in the army of destruction, this is a chess piece that has been infused with the essence of quintessential destruction. It's kind of a meta thing. Luckily, it was also infused with the power of the chess piece, so it won't up and annihilate the universe. Just don't take it across the board, okay?

Offhand Item
Power: 15
Level Required: 5
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 weapon damage (ranged or melee)
+5 spell damage

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 1 mettle


  • Requires completing one run to unlock.


  • The description refers to the promotion of a pawn when it is taken to the opponent's edge of the board.