Pick Yer Poison

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Even though it's late, at an intersection you see a man sitting on a folding chair under a streetlight. He's got a card table set up in front of him, stacked high with two different types of cans.

"Excuse me," he says as you approach, "but would you be interested in trying a free sample?" You slow down to look at the odd setup, and the man takes this as an invitation to continue.

"We've got two different drinks to choose from. Your first option is the brand-new Gingerette Black, the hip new ginger cola that good-looking teens all across the country are drinking in massive quantities. If you want to be cool, you'll love Gingerette Black. Gingerette Black: It's got snap!"

"And over here we've got something different. The Calvinist Rice Corporation, owner of Gingerette, is branching out into new territory: sports drinks. We've got a specialized blend designed for rugged individuals with active lifestyles. The 'smart' chemicals in our first offering, Krakatoa Punch, are designed to communicate with your body and deliver the exact nutrients it needs, when it needs it. Krakatoa Punch is all about the very unique you!"


  • Try trendy Gingerette Black
  • Go for the Krakatoa Punch
  • Ask for both

What do you do?


If you chose Try trendy Gingerette Black:


None More Black
With a smile the man hands you a can of Gingerette Black. "I knew you were cool," he says with a grin and a wink.

You got an item: Gingerette Black Black-soda.gif

Moves your reputation to be more Selfless.

If you chose Go for the Krakatoa Punch:


Talk About a Punch
The man nods and hands you a can of Krakatoa Punch. He says, "The perfect choice for a distinctive individual like yourself. Enjoy!"

You got an item: Krakatoa Punch Krakatoa-punch.gif

Moves your reputation to be less Selfless.

If you chose Ask for both:


Tsk, Tsk
The man frowns and shakes his head. "You got greedy, man. I give and I give, but people always want to take more. Get out of here, you!" He brusquely shoos you away.

  • Does not take time