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Item Number: 286
Description ID: 6119597
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playing card
Plural: playing cards
This is a playing card. On the surface it looks just like a normal card, but if you hold one of the face cards in your hand and concentrate really, really hard, you can almost feel like you're making contact with someone off in some cosmic royal court. Or, uh, maybe that's just a headache coming on. You should probably stop squinting so hard.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 35

How Obtained

Golden Wooden Nickel Casino

When Used

You flip over the card to see what it is. A joker? Awwww, right! You've got a stacked deck, baby! You gain an effect: Stacked Deck. (Added for 60 minutes.)


You take a look at the card. An ace. Sweet! You tuck it up your sleeve to save for later. You gain an effect: Ace Up Your Sleeve. (Added for 60 minutes.)


Close inspection reveals this isn't just one card, but a whole batch of them, all the same suit. That's so money! You gain an effect: Feeling Flush. (Added for 60 minutes.)


As you pull out the card, it and a whole bunch of others go spraying up into the air and then flutter in a "isn't the effect of unseen air the most amazing thing you've ever seen?" kind of way. You stand entranced in the middle of the whole spectacle. You gain an effect: It's in the Cards. (Added for 60 minutes.)

Using multiple: Missing, please report

Other Uses


  • The chance of each of the four effects is equal.