Polydactyl gloves

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Item Number: 807
Description ID: 4987719
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polydactyl gloves
Plural: polydactyl gloves
A pterodactyl is one of those ancient flying dinosaurs that kids love to imagine riding around on. They almost always make an appearance in dinosaur movies, so you should be plenty familiar with them. Big, nasty beaks, clawed feet, always squawking and trying to carry you back to their nest to feed you to their hatchlings. I've gotta think one of those eggs would make a fantastic omelette, if you could just get your hands on it before it hatched and the baby tried to eat you.

Wait, these are what kind of gloves again?

Power: 14
Level Required: 13
Autosell value: 130

+5% Reflexes
Successful hit weakens opponents (by 5 points).

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif polysteel black gloves
Equals.gif polydactyl gloves

Welding-torch.gif polysteel cast arm cast
Equals.gif polydactyl gloves