Polygon pavise

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Item Number: 810
Description ID: 5819314
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polygon pavise
Plural: polygon pavises
The only problem with wearing this shield is every now and then a tiny little triangle comes zooming in from offscreen and tries to blast this polygon into a series of smaller and smaller polygons. Thankfully the triangle isn't very accurate, and more often than not another little U.F.O-shaped ship zips in and wipes out the triangle before any real damage happens.

Offhand Item
Power: 46
Level Required: 13
Autosell value: 180

+5% Reflexes
+10 dodging ability

How Obtained

Welding-torch.gif polysteel plasteel shield
Equals.gif polygon pavise


  • The description and the image reference the arcade game Asteroids, in which the player has to use a spaceship (a triangle) to blast asteroids in smaller and smaller pieces.
  • A pavise is a large convex shield.