Powdered Moleroot

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Item Number: 2030
Description ID: 98637618
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Powdered Moleroot
Plural: tins of Powdered Moleroot
If this was the Victorian age, you'd snort this and then sneeze. And then probably get a nose bleed because snorting random things up your nose is stupid and likely to be painful. Trust me on this; I once snorted a Pixie Stix and was in pain for hours.

Anyway, this is like those crazy aspirin packets that you dump into your mouth and let dissolve. See, being a powder means it gets into your blood stream that much faster. Get ready for a rush!

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 5
Autosell value: 120
Contains caffeine (4)
Contains sugar (2)

How Obtained

League Battlefield

When Consumed

You crack open the tin of Powdered Moleroot and pour it straight into your mouth. Huh, it doesn't seem to be doing any... ZING!

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +90-100 minutes

Using multiple:
You crack open the tins of Powdered Moleroot and pour them straight into your mouth. Huh, they don't seem to be doing any...ZING!

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +some minutes


  • The description contains a reference to snuff, powdered tobacco meant to be inhaled through the nose.
  • Pixie Stix are powdered candy packaged in cardboard tubes. Snorting the candy is not advised.