Robbin' hood

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Item Number: 653
Description ID: 4411229
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robbin' hood
Plural: robbin' hoods
Legend has it what you're looking at is actually some kind of pasta--macaroni, theoretically--but it looks a lot more like an old-timey hat that some famous sharpshooter would have worn. William Tell, I think it was.

Power: 55
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 160

+3 Ranged damage
+3 to hit
+3% chips

How Obtained

Assemble.gif capo cap-o eagle feather
Equals.gif robbin' hood



  • William Tell was a legendary hero and an expert marksman, often depicted wearing a feathered hat.
  • The item name refers to the legend of Robin Hood.
  • References Yankee Doodle, a well-known US song which includes the lines "Stuck a feather in his hat/And called it Macaroni."