S.N.O.W. pants

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Item Number: 1822
Description ID: 51391870
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S.N.O.W. pants
Plural: pairs of Superior Nanotechnology Outer Wear pants
Now here's a strange item. Way back in the Golden Age of Twilight was a truly mysterious character known as the Snow Man. Nobody knew much about him; in fact, nobody could even agree on his history. Some say he was a family man who died in a car accident and came back to life to set things right, while others say he was a psychotic serial killer who came back to wreak frosty vengeance. Needless to say, most people who met him didn't get what they expected.

Nah. I'm just pulling your leg. That kind of idiocy didn't happen until the Silver Age of Twilight when goofy nonsense like that was par for the course. But anyway, these are just some high tech snow pants.

How can snow pants be high tech? Simple: millions of chips were spent to turn the "zip zop zip zop" sound when you walk into "zop zip zop zip." The end result in strangely infuriating. Between that and the meaningless acronym in the name, there's no question they're high tech.

January 2012 Item of the Month

Power: 50
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

+10 foe toughness.
+5 ice damage
Regenerates PP as a function of level (currently +X PP per turn).
Chance of flurries

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

Other Uses

Whenever you get hit, you'll get one of the following strike-back messages:

  • <foe subject pronoun> knocks a flurry of ice shards loose from your pants, taking Y damage.
  • <foe subject pronoun> knocks a flurry of blinding snow loose from your pants, taking Z damage from the cold and chilling <foe object pronoun> to the bone.


  • X is 2+floor(Level/5), capped at 10
  • Y ranges within 2*(Level ± 1).
  • Z ranges within Level ± 1.
  • Both Y and Z are capped at level 15.
  • When bought: You hand over 10 silver stars. In return, the old man gives you a pile of snow. With a quick shake, the pile unfolds into S.N.O.W. pants.

Item of the Month
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January 2012
S.N.O.W. pants
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